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Stormy's Daughter

Andrea has fulfilled a life-long ambition to record an album of original music.

She dedicated the CD to her father Ernest "Stormy" Pattison who died in 2005. The songs were very personal, based closely on Andrea's experiences growing up in a large working class family in Sunderland, her loves and losses and her time as a professional singer.

Andrea's original songs, particularly "Starting from Here" occasionally feature in our theatre and festival performances.

Stormy's Daughter CD cover

Stormy's Daughter CD cover

One particular song has "touched a nerve" with many of our clients:

Andrea wrote the track "Starting From Here" whilst planning her own wedding in the early part of 2008. By that point she'd sung at over 1000 weddings, so she decided that her own wedding song would be self written. The lyrics started with the line "Shoulder to Shoulder" which Andrea picked up from a clothing website as she was sizing bride's maid dresses for her sisters and nieces.

The song is a celebration of fresh starts and new beginnings, and we've been really amazed at the reaction the song has received since we recorded it as the opening track of "Stormy's Daughter".

Before performing as "Dolly" in the stage shows, Andrea spent many years as a professional wedding singer, during that period she was asked many times to sing "Starting from Here" for first dances and wedding ceremonies. One couple used the lyrics of the song as their vows and another recently had the words recited as a reading. Andrea regards these incidents as the most significant honours of her career. The testimonials below show just how much this song has meant to people.

Download the lyrics to "Starting from Here"


Andrea was very touched to receive this email from a fan called Gordi:

"I had the privilege to watch Andrea's performance at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry on Tuesday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and particularly loved the song Andrea wrote for her own wedding... That song has become very personal to me. I am recovering from cancer. As the song was about a new life shared with another, it was a great comfort to me. It was beautifully written and arranged and I am thankful that I was here and well enough to hear it. Hope to see you perform live again."
Kindest regards, Gordi

Here's some of the other messages we've had about the song:

"Andrea's song "Starting From Here" is so beautiful, it moved me to tears. The words really hit home for me (having been widowed after a long and happy marriage I have been lucky enough to meet an amazing guy who has changed my life). The words are so touching, they could have been written for me and Ken. We'll have the song played when we get married in Tuscany on 24th June, just the two of us."
Lorna Todd
"I've just listened to "Starting From Here", it made me cry. It's such a beautiful song and very suitable for me and my partner, as we were teenage sweethearts who split up for 15 years and got back together two years ago. I'd love Andrea to sing it during our service."
Julieann Evison
"We chose "Starting From Here" for our first dance because it has such beautiful words, and we thought it was very fitting for us. We were so proud to have Andrea sing her song for us - it brought tears to everyone's eyes. It is a beautiful song."
Paul and Catherine Tearse
"Amanda and myself have both been through very difficult divorces, with all that entails, we felt an instant connection with "Starting From Here", especially when Andrea explained the story behind the song. When she dedicated the song to Amanda at St Georges, Yarmouth, it was very emotional for us both."
Kevin and Amanda
"It was lovely to read the lyrics to "Starting From Here", it made me quite emotional. It's a real talent Andrea has, her song writing is beautiful and we're over the moon that she is happy to sing such a personal song for our first dance."
Hannah Southcott
"We have both fell in love in the track "Starting From Here" and we really, really want you to perform this for our first dance together at our wedding."
Lorraine and Darren
"Chris and I never planned to have a first dance, as Chris in particular is quite shy, however, when I heard "Starting From Here", I knew I had to persuade him as the words were just perfect and the music is stunning. Andrea's voice is so moving, honestly just beautiful. What made it even more special was that it felt like our song, as I doubt any of our guests would have heard it before. It wasn't the typical song that you'd hear at a wedding and I loved that the words just fit perfectly for mine and Chris' lives."
"We adore your song "Starting From Here". Could we have it played it for the first dance at our wedding? No other song we have listened to has come close... Thank you."
Tracey and Jason
"I would love Andrea to sing "Starting From Here" for us, as the words seem so appropriate. Would you mind if we used the song as the soundtrack for our photo album?"
Jill Robson
"I saw Andrea perform tonight. Her own song about getting married really moved me. How do I buy the CD?"
Helen Curle

As well as eight original, autobiographical songs, "Stormy's Daughter" also features classic songs by Tom Waits ("Ol' 55"), Randy Newman ("Feels Like Home") and Jessie Winchester ("Rhumba Girl").

If you're interested in buying a copy of Andrea's album please contact her - details below.

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