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The Dolly Parton Story "Live"

A couple of great reviews from Scotland, after a solo gig Andrea performed recently:
Shetland Country Music Club review

An interview Andrea did recently for Sky:
Sky T&W A Dolly Parton tribute act from Sunderland has enjoyed national success since her image appeared on the singer's unofficial merchandise in Hong Kong.

Andrea's CD's have been reviewed in "Cross Country" magazine by Dave Walker:
Sky T&W "Andrea sounds just like the real thing, whether she is singing or just talking and these songs bring out the very best of her many talents. I particularly enjoyed..."
Read the entire review here.

"Andrea, you were truly amazing, your voice and costumes were beautiful, we all loved you. We have seen Dolly live and you are on par with her. Thank you so much."
Linda French

"Such a talent, and such an amazing performance. Dolly is as infectious as are you Andrea! Thank you for giving your everything."
Steve French

"Just had to say "Thanks" for a wonderful night on Saturday. We missed out on the real Dolly at The Arena recently, but your performance was probably at least as good - and we had better seats!"
Bill Lindsay

"What a great performance last night! Andrea you were amazing!"
Calore Mallen

"Thank you for a fabulous show last night. I really enjoyed every aspect of it. It could not have been better. Take care and I look forward to seeing you and your fabulous band again."
Natalie Odell

"We had a fantastic night, you were amazing as Dolly."
Lynette Blacklock

"It was an amazing night! The wonderful Andrea Pattinson "shone like a diamond" at her recent show at The Civic Hall at Whitehaven. We were bowled over by the amazing accuracy and the obvious work that had gone into the tribute show. As the audience came filtering in, the stage was very similar to Dolly's own shows where the instruments and props adorn the stage in readiness. Andrea's first moves onto the stage were to the familiar tones of "9 to 5" to the delight of the audience. The dress that Andrea had on was a duplicate of Dolly's white shimmering sparkly version that Dolly wore and sang in for the first half of "Dolly In London" concert back in 1983. We know here at Dolly Part'ners, from talking to Andrea previously that this was a personal favourite item of clothing.

From the very start of the show Andrea took on the persona of Dolly and the show was very enthusiastic and professional. One of the highlights was the "Grass is Blue" which sent shivers down the spine as the crystal clear vocals cried out into the darkness of the hall. "Better Get To Livin" (taken from Dolly's 2008 album "Backwoods Barbie") was an absolute knock-out - this was sung with wonderful style and accuracy. The instrumental parts in the song didn't prove difficult to Andrea and the band as the audience rocked, danced and sang along to the familiar tunes. As Andrea sang the words "A girlfriend came to my house, started crying on my shoulder... I said if I had a violin, I'd play..." why, you would have thought it was Dolly herself performing the song.

The team had cleverly taken some aspect of the "Dolly in London" (1983) concert and had woven segments of the recent "Dolly Live In London" concert into their show, and this was proving to be an excellent decision. As Andrea left the stage for a costume change, the band's lead guitarist John Black treated the audience to the Kenny Rogers classic "The Gambler". Soon, Andrea was back as John lead the band into "Islands In The Stream" with Dolly (ooops, sorry, er - Andrea) coming back on stage in the familiar blue dress from Dolly's 2007 shows. The audience loved it and were up dancing and spinning around the hall and in front of the stage.

One of the lesser known Dolly tracks that seemed to go down a storm was the amazingly funny "PMS Blues". The people watching obviously hadn't heard it before and found it interesting - Andrea had once again been clever in her interpretation of the song.

From the most recent Dolly album "Better Day", Andrea sang the single "Together, You & I", another accurate and respectful rendition. Of course, the band also performed the main hits like "Here You Come Again", "Jolene", "Love is like a Butterfly" and "I Will Always Love You".

Andrea injected Dolly comedy throughout the show, using some of the wonderfully funny lines our DP is renowned for: "Trouble is, you look better in it, too" (The wife talking to her cross-dressing husband).

To be honest, when it comes to impersonators and tribute acts we tend to stand back and not say much. But you need to see this amazing act."
Joe Skelly
(Review from Whitehaven Civic Hall, Friday 27th April 2012)

"As Andrea walked on stage singing "9 to 5" she did Dolly justice in every way possible. Her fabulous voice, her costumes and her mannerisms bore such close resemblance, if you closed your eyes you could easily believe it was Dolly herself. The first half consisted of many of Dolly's famous hits such as "Jolene", "Coat of Many Colours", "Two Doors Down" and many more. The audience had no trouble clapping and singing along. When Andrea left the stage to change costumes, lead guitarist John, who also has a fine voice, gave us a very good version of Kenny Rodger's "The Gambler".

During the interval I heard a lot of people say how good they thought Andrea's portrayal of Dolly was and how witty and clever her one liners and asides were. The second half of the show featured Dolly's more modern hits such as "Little Sparrow" and "Here You Come Again". Andrea also sang one of her own songs, "Starting From Here". I had the chance to talk to Andrea before the show and after hearing her North East accent it was quite a revelation when I first heard her speak on stage as Dolly. Andrea has loved Dolly since she was very young and said she relates to Dolly's song writing, as she's also from a very large family. The musicians did a great job and the audience didn't want the show to end. We had three encores before Andrea left to tremendous applause."
Dave Walker
Cross Country Magazine
(Review from Palace Theatre, Newark, Friday 20th April 2012)

"We wanted to tell you that having worried about driving through snow to see your show tonight in Basingstoke, we were very, very glad that we did. Andrea did a wonderful job of interpreting Dolly's music (and we saw Dolly at the O2 recently, so we can compare. It was a lively and uplifting show. Thanks for a great evening. We would definitely recommend your show."
Rob, Tina and Rosie Van Ewyk

"You did a great job. I loved the "And Now, This is Me" bit at the end. I've never seen a tribute act before, and I was only there because my wife got tickets for her birthday, but it was a fun night out. Keep it up."
Jim Barker

"Andrea, you were brilliant last night in Croydon. Congratulations to you and the band for a great gig. We bought your CD "Stormy's Daughter" and played it in the car on the way home and really liked it. You will do really brilliantly as Dolly and also as Andrea."
Shelagh Pope

"We had a lovely evening at Lincoln, despite the dreadful cold weather! Thanks for the lovely chat afterwards Andrea and for the wonderful performance as Dolly. The song that you said you wrote for your wedding was beautiful, we played the CD all the way home! Good luck with your other shows. We hope to see you back in Lincoln one day!"
Hilary Catherine Smith

"You were amazing!"
Gina Beakley

"I've just been to see The Dolly Parton Story! Very authentic to Dolly Parton and I'm sure it's something the great lady would approve of herself. The band were fantastic too. To be honest, I almost forgot I wasn't watching the real Dolly at times. It's a brilliant show"
Allan Kent
"We Will Always Love You Dolly Parton" Fan site

"What an amazing night!!! I am a BIG dolly fan and tonight's show was so much fun. I was mesmerised by Andrea's accent, it was so real and the Dolly giggle was perfect! Thank you for signing copies of your CD. Keep up the fab work and just wish you were playing here again soon"
Gemma Clark

"We thought you were amazing! We were totally mesmerised when Andrea sang "Little Sparrow." We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and so did everyone else! I was blubbing at the end. Thanks for a superb night.
Nicola Proctor
(Andrea and "Laughing Jacks" played at Nicola's wedding in 2008)

"We really enjoyed the show at Tunbridge Wells. My friend, who is a huge Dolly fan (she saw her at O2) said when she closed her eyes it could have been Dolly singing and she thought you were so much better than a previous Dolly tribute act she had seen. We bought your own album and it's great, you've written some really good songs. Hope to see you again someday."
Julie Fermer

"I just wanted to thank you again for a great show last Sunday in Haverhill. My wife and I enjoyed it a great deal and it was a pleasure meeting you. Your tribute to Dolly was brilliant and from speaking to you afterwards it is clear how much of the show comes from your admiration of her. As for Andrea as herself, "Stormy's Daughter" - great songs, great music and a beautiful voice. She's very much a hidden talent. Please keep it going and I sincerely hope to see the show again, very soon."
Richard Dubery
Bury St Edmunds

"Now on way back from Haverhill Art Centre having seen The Dolly Parton Story. It's an excellent show. If I didn't know better I'd have thought it was her."
Ruth Dubery

"You were fabulous at Haverhill! What a great show! I have been listening to your CD "Stormy's Daughter" and it is great - such uplifting lyrics and music."
Hannah Lewis

"A touch of Tennessee came to Scunthorpe's Plowright Theatre, as guests flocked to see the Dolly Parton Story. An eclectic mix of people came along for the event, to share their love for one of country music's most successful stars. As the five-piece tribute act took to the stage, the audience were greeted with a familiar tune to start proceedings. The glamorously dressed Dolly impersonator started with the classic hit "9 to 5", and the audience were in awe at the quality of her voice. She did the country star justice with a terrific rendition of the 1980 hit, with superb backing from her band dressed in black. The performance up tempo tracks such as "Jolene", "Two Doors Down", "Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That" and "Islands in the Stream." But it was superbly balanced with slow numbers like "Coat of many Colours", "The Grass is Blue" and "Little Sparrow", which had the audience captivated.

The lead guitarist also took to the limelight, performing fantastic versions of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers and "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. The evening was finished with a stirring version of "I Will Always Love You", and a rip-roaring country take on "Great Balls of Fire." The show had the audience on its feet by the end, who were blown away by the quality of the performance.

Carol Wilcock, who travelled from Goole to see the show, said: "It was absolutely brilliant, one of the best tribute acts I've ever seen.

"There was a great mix of slow and fast songs, and her voice was good enough to perform in a West End show."

Rita Wolfenden, also from Goole, said: "I have never know anyone sound so good, and I am a very keen country music fan.

"We had a brilliant evening, and would definitely see her again."

Andrea Pattison, who performs in the act as Dolly Parton, said: "The audience in Scunthorpe was fantastic, and we were taken aback by some of the praise they gave us. We've only been doing the act for a few years, and this is our first theatre tour. It is always a risk putting a new show together, but we are very pleased with how it's going so far. It's been amazing."

This is Scunthorpe - Newspaper review

"This was a great night. She is a very real Dolly with a sensational, alike voice. A great band and the male singer sang "The Gambler" and "Ring of Fire" that got the place stomping with excitement.

A real Country and Western night with line dancing, people dancing in their seats, then later up the aisles and at the front really having a wonderful night despite the snow and cold outside.

She was warm and sexy, friendly and wise - telling Dolly's story with humour and sincerity.

Her dresses and shoes were to die for and brought glamour and soft feminism just like the real Dolly does. I loved the outfits: clinging gold sequin dress, soft, flowing red and cow girl white. All flattering her feminine, hour glass figure. Men as well as woman enjoyed it!

Her singing is amazing with a beautiful voice in her own right. She really had the joint rocking one minute and crying the next with her ' Little Sparrow and Coat of Many Colours. The Audience not only travelled through the snow and cold to see her but travelled through all their emotions once there. Clapping and singing with her to all the well known old favourites of Dolly.

The duet of Islands in The Stream with her band mate had the crowd roaring with anticipation and excitement and from where I sat sounded incredible. If you can go and see her she really is the best Dolly Parton tribute I have seen with the voice soft and tuneful just like the real thing. Shut your eyes and it was Dolly Parton. With eyes open she was fun with her dancing and Dolly humour. Her cheerfulness and energy were a joy to watch as she line danced around the stage. How did she manage it in those shoes? Her posture and movements were just like Dolly's. She had obviously studied Dolly and done her homework and it showed!

She is obviously a very talented woman with a great voice and also a song writer. She shared some of her own life story and the song she had written for her wedding. It was truly moving and one can't understand why she hasn't been snapped up for just the quality of her writing.

Simon Cowell get her on X Factor - she is better than most of them I have seen over the years.

Good luck to this band they deserve it! Thanks for a great night in Basingstoke and giving us all a lot of fun and pleasure."

"My wife and I saw the show at the Haymarket, Basingstoke, on 4th Feb. We enjoyed it very much and recommend it. The songs sounded great and having seen the real Dolly in Denver in '85 I thought it a good likeness."

Ents24 Online reviews

"Myself, my Nan & my aunt attended 'The Dolly Parton Story' at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. You were absolutely fantastic and we really enjoyed the show. You are a true talent and your voice is simply beautiful. My Nan would love your CD of the Dolly songs and your own songs too as we all loved the song you had written for your wedding. Thank you again for a spectacular night and my bump loved it and didn't stop kicking. Best wishes to you all for the future."
Kelly McDonagh

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