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Andrea and Dolly at a recent gig in Manchester

Andrea and Dolly at a recent gig in Manchester

Dolly Parton Story



The show uses the fantastic Nemix PA Hire and Music Production for live sound and recording.

Andrea Pattison: the UK's busiest, most popular and widely seen Dolly Parton impersonator

Dolly Parton Tribute band, featuring the UK's best Dolly Parton look alike, perform the Dolly Parton Story

Dolly Parton is a unique performer and one of the greatest songwriters of her generation. After five decades in the business she maintains her position as an iconic vocalist, composer, actress and business inspiration.

Her recent critically acclaimed back to roots Bluegrass albums have shown that her music is still finding new audiences all over the world.


Dolly Parton Story

Since 2015 Andrea has been starring as Dolly in the 'Entertainers' show "Islands in the Stream" with Peter White as Kenny Rogers. This showreel was filmed in front of 1400+ people at The King's Theatre, Glasgow in January 2017.

A tribute to Dolly Parton

This Country and Western tribute act is paying homage to Dolly Parton and all the fantastic music she has written and performed over the years.

This new theatre tribute show features an all live, 6 piece backing band playing accurate versions of Dolly's most celebrated material.

The Dolly Parton Story is fronted by Andrea Pattison, a professional singer of many years experience. Based in the Newcastle/North East area, she is a lifelong fan, and has spent many years reseaching Dolly's life and music, as well as working tirelessy on perfecting her vocal tone and phrasing, her onstage mannerisms and characterisation. When Andrea performs as Dolly she not only recreates her beautiful singing, but also her renowned wit and charm. In her own words:

"There is only one Dolly Parton - she has been such an inspiration to me over the years, I don't think I can put it into words. We want to pay a respectful tribute to her with our new show. We wouldn't be doing this if we didn't think we could do the songs justice. I'm so pleased to be involved in this project, as I love Dolly and I love these songs".

Follow this link to see Andrea get a standing ovation after singing "I Will Always Love You"

Expert Testimonials

"Andrea is a credit to the industry"

Del Cotton

Del is the boss at one of the biggest national agencies that we work with: Hireaband, who have a massive roster of all kinds of live music.

Joe Skelly runs the UK Dolly organisation "Dolly Parton Fans". He's a lifelong supporter of Dolly's, having met her on numerous occasions as a UK liason and advisor. Here's a quote from a review he wrote about one of Andrea's performances for his website:

"To be honest, when it comes to tribute acts we tend to stand back and not say much. But you all need to see this amazing act"

Suzanne Spicer is one of the world's foremost experts on Dolly Parton's life and career. She runs the UK Dolly Parton Archive, a vast memorabilia, press, music and video library. Suzanne is often consulted by film and television companies about her work on the archive. Here's what she said after hearing Andrea sing as Dolly for the first time:

"When I heard Andrea sing "Islands in the Stream" it could have been Dolly herself..."

Sandra Duck is one of Dolly's most committed UK fans. She has seen Dolly live in the UK and at Dollywood on nearly 200 occasions. Few people are more familiar with Dolly's repertoire and vocal sound. Here's what she had to say about Andrea:

"I have seen Dolly here in the UK and at Dollywood, many, many times. It must be 200 appearances in total. I first went to Dollywood in 1991 and I've been back every year since. When I saw Andrea for the first time I was amazed. Honestly, when she comes on stage she is Dolly, not just the way she sings, but the way she jokes and talks as well. I have been to two shows and and keep looking at her schedule to decide where to see her next. Her own album "Stormy's Daughter" is also wonderful."

Allan Kent is another UK Dolly "super fan". As well as running a Facebook fan page and getting to see the real Dolly several times, Allan has loved her music and image for many years. It's true fans like him that we knew would be the hardest to impress. Here's what he said after he heard Andrea live for the first time:

"Andrea's tribute performance as Dolly is very authentic. I'm sure the great lady herself would approve. To be honest, I forgot at times that I wasn't watching the real Dolly. Andrea is brilliant."

"One of the best live shows we have had recently at the Pavilion Theatre Glasgow, to call this a tribute show would be an injustice, it is much more than that, shut your eyes and it was Dolly! The four piece band sounded more like eight. And nice people to work with.....See you back next year."
Iain Gordon
Glasgow Pavilion Theatre Manager

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